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CrossMatch™ Enterprise Solution

The CrossMatch™ Enterprise Solution provides web-enabled statistical process control capabilities that let you quickly and easily monitor and maintain color consistency across multiple devices, multiple vendors, and multiple sites — in real time, all the time.

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Using spectrophotometry-based color measurement and real-time remote monitoring, diagnostic, and corrective action, CrossMatch™ takes the guesswork out of the color matching process. Instantly view the status of every device in your system by drilling down to specific projects or sites. Ensure immediate global delivery of contract color at a lower cost.

About CrossMatch™
The quality assurance products offered by ColorSciences are available in stand-alone software versions and in web-enabled products collectively known as CrossMatch™. The XM designation at the end of the product name indicates that the product is web-enabled, providing for 24/7 monitoring of color quality by anyone who has web access and a secure log-on to the system.

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