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CrossMatch™ Proofing

CrossMatch™ Proofing is a web-enabled proof verification and color control software solution that manages color issues remotely and solves them locally. Now you can inspect contract proofs - from your own facilities or your customers' - with the peace of mind that each one is accurately produced to an exact color standard.

Proofing Product Options:

ProofCheck XM
CrossMatch™ Production Proofing
CrossMatch™ Remote Proofing

CrossMatch™ Production Proofing System
The CrossMatch™ Production Proofing System is a complete system of hardware, software, and services that lets commercial printers deliver objective, accurate color while reducing project cycle time and costs. It uses color algorithms to communicate precise color instructions to inkjet proofing systems. Add to this web-based monitoring and color correction. The result? Reliable inkjet proofs at a fraction of the cost of halftone proofs.

CrossMatch™ Remote Proofing System
The CrossMatch™ Remote Proofing System extends this digital process control from the printing plants throughout the supply chain-the creative agency, sales or marketing office, or customer site. Upstream and downstream, you can eliminate color ambiguity and subjectivity across multi-media platforms, across the enterprise, or across the globe.

CrossMatch™ Proofing is part of ColorSciences global CrossMatch™ Enterprise Solution that enables the production, delivery, and approval of contract-quality inkjet proofs.

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